Another year is ending, and we’re more than grateful to be a part of your operations. It’s an honor to have worked with you this year. We at ABJ Solutions would like to thank you for your constant trust. 

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Following through with the commitment we made last year, our team went the extra mile to continuously improve the services you receive from us. That’s why before we wrap up our year, we’re happy to share with you our service improvement initiatives.  

Here’s our year in review. 


Expanded support for your business 

Our partnership with CMPartners, one of Australia’s top 100 accounting firms, has increased our capability to deliver tax-related services. On top of our regular services, we can now provide you with more extensive tax and compliance support — and we’ll continue to find more ways to give you value-adding support. 

To date, we’re exploring various aspects of technical improvements. Finding better ways to deliver our services is part of this initiative. This includes checking out new accounting tools and technologies so we can support your business more efficiently while ensuring that our reports and outputs are accurate. 

And of course, we value your honest feedback. If you have any concerns or suggestions about our service delivery, feel free to let us know. Your candid thoughts will be of immense help in our bid to improve and grow as your service provider. 


Knowledge and skills improvement for our employees 

The quality of our services is a reflection of the capabilities of our employees. That’s why we facilitated regular training sessions throughout the year to enhance our collective knowledge and skillset. 

Among the topics we have covered are the latest accounting technologies, reporting technologies and the regulatory changes in accounting. We also conducted technical training on tax laws, which is a part of our efforts to bring you quality tax and compliance support. 

Aside from technical skills, our team also worked towards fostering a positive work culture. This way, we can retain good employees and recruit the right people. 


Value realignment with our partner 

Our partnership with CMPartners is going strong. Now in our third year, we are taking further steps to align our group values.  


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Our teams are forging strong relationships and cross-training is a focus that we believe will lead to better outcomes for our clients. We ensure that our output is referenced across all the disciplines in the firm, be it on strategic tax matters, financial modelling and CFO advisory, cash flow forecast and funding issues, or the latest dashboard or accounting technology. 


Our journey continues 

Growth is a never-ending journey. As we move forward to 2024, we will continue committing ourselves to our mission of helping businesses grow, one step at a time.