Office relocation gives you a new start, whether you’ve outgrown the old office or you’re upgrading your work arrangements.

If you’re planning to move to a new office soon, that’s good for you. Here are some of the benefits you can receive by relocating to a new place.


1. Adapt to new workplace trends

Those of us who worked in offices before the pandemic rarely had the option of working remotely. Then the pandemic happened which flipped everything upside down and working from home became the norm.

Now that restrictions are easing, we have the option to return to the office full-time, establish a hybrid workplace, or allow full remote operations.

a. Returning to the office full-time

If you’re planning to return to the office full-time, office relocation allows you to create a new user-friendly environment and improve your workplace to entice more employees to go back. It’s also a great way to attract potential candidates. 

b. Implementing a hybrid work set-up

Meanwhile, office relocation lets you align your business to your new work setup. If, for example, you choose to work in a hybrid environment, you can downsize your office by relocating to a smaller or a shared workspace. By doing so, you can reduce your operating costs and reallocate your budget to other key initiatives.

c. Working remotely 

The same financial benefits also apply when you’re working remotely. The business can relocate to a smaller yet appealing workspace that can serve as a central place for staff meetings. The new office can cater as a gathering point for employees to collaborate when they meet and create an environment to bring out the best in them.


2. Move closer to your clients or partners

Another benefit of office relocation is it allows you to choose a place that’s more accessible to your clients or business partners.

If you feel your current location isn’t convenient enough to reach your target market and communicate with your partners, then you should consider relocating to a more favourable location, such as a workplace site that is central or near public transport.


3. Increase your cost savings

You may need to shell out some money when relocating to a new office, but you can easily get its return on investment as long as you choose the right location.

When moving to another place, one of the elements you should consider is its value for money. For example, is the building energy efficient? Are you moving to a co-working space or a shared office facility where you pay less? Is cleaning maintenance already included in the cost? Is it more appealing to top employees? Does the office space have access to public transportation? Are there many options for staff to meet for lunch or a coffee?

By considering these factors, you can assess your savings in office relocation.


ABJ makes the move

Given these benefits, along with the merger with CMP LWA, ABJ Solutions decided to relocate to a new office. It’s only a minute’s walk from Wynyard railway station, and the benefits of being in the same office as our new tax partners are immense. This makes our new location ideal for us. We also believe that through this change in environment, we can provide a more holistic and personalised service to our clients.

If you’re up for a quick chat, you can visit us at Level 1, 56 Clarence Street, Sydney. We’re excited to welcome you here.