Parents, guardians, and carers of school children from NSW can now claim their $250 worth of vouchers through the Service NSW website. The vouchers are valid until 9 October 2022.


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    1. What is the Parents NSW Voucher?
    2. Eligibility
    3. Who can apply?
    4. How to get your $250 worth of vouchers
  1. How to use your vouchers
  2. Eligible uses of the Parents Vouchers in NSW


What is the Parents NSW Voucher?

The Parents NSW vouchers is an initiative by the state government to thank eligible households for their efforts in supporting their children’s home-based education during the pandemic.

“This is testament and tribute to all parents who have made an incredible effort over the last two years, particularly in circumstances of homeschooling which we all know has been incredibly tough over this difficult period of time,” NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said.

Five $50 Parents NSW vouchers — a total of $250 — will be given to each eligible household. The vouchers can be used for recreation and accommodation purposes 7 days a week, including holidays.



To be eligible, you must be:

  • An NSW resident
  • A parent, guardian, or carer of a student aged 4 ½ to 18 years in 2021.
  • Your child is enrolled in school as:
    • A student from kindergarten to year 12
    • Homeschooled student
    • Secondary education student at TAFE NSW.


Who can apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria, take note of the details below for further information:

    • If the child lives in a single household, only one set of Parents NSW Vouchers will be given to each household.
    • If the child has two parents, guardians or carers who live separately, and the child lives at both addresses, both households can apply for the voucher program.
    • If the child attended an interstate boarding school in 2021, a household can still apply as long as the child shared an NSW home address with the parent, guardian or carer.

This program does not consider overnight stays with family and/or friends, including the addresses of holiday homes. Only the household where the child stays will be eligible.


How to get your $250 worth of vouchers

Here are the steps you can follow to claim your $250 worth of Parents NSW Vouchers:

Step 1: Prepare the following documents prior to your online application:

  • A Medicare card that includes the name of your child
  • Additional proof of identity (e.g., Australian passport or NSW driver licence)
  • Proof of your home address where the child resides
  • The name of the school or educational facility where your child was enrolled in 2021

Step 2: Log in to your MyServiceNSW account

  • You can also create an account if you don’t have an account yet. Take note that your Medicare card and proof of identity document should bear the same name that you’ll use on your MyServiceNSW account.
  • Make sure to download the Service NSW Moblie App so you can use your digital vouchers more conveniently and without having to print it. 

Step 3: Follow the prompts that will appear on your account to apply for the vouchers.

Step 4: To check if your application is successful, go to the ‘Vouchers’ section of your Service NSW app within an hour.


How to use your vouchers

Once you have your vouchers, here are the steps you need to follow to begin using it.

Step 1: Find and select a participating Discover NSW business or Stay NSW business where you want to use your voucher.

Step 2: Generate your voucher code.

Step 2.1: If you’re using your phone or tablet, log in to your Service NSW App.

  1. Go to the ‘Vouchers’ tab.
  2. Select the voucher you wish to use.
  3. Present the QR code of the voucher to the establishment where you plan to use it. 

Step 2.2: If you don’t have a mobile device, download your voucher using your MyServiceNSW online account.

      1. Log in to your MyServiceNSW account using your computer or laptop.
      2. Go to the ‘Vouchers’ tab.
    1. Print your voucher.
    2. Present your voucher to the establishment.

Take note that you can only use each voucher once.


Eligible uses of the Parents Vouchers in NSW

  1. You can only use each voucher once. It is smarter if you will use the entire amount of each voucher. If the bill is less than the voucher amount, you will have to forfeit the remaining balance. For example, if your total bill is $40, you will forfeit the remaining $10 from that voucher.
  2. You can use your vouchers at the participating DIscover NSW and Stay NSW businesses.
    • Discover NSW: entertainment and recreation (live music, cultural institutions, art venues, etc.)
    • Stay NSW: accommodation (hotels, motels, restaurants, caravan parks, camping grounds, and resorts)
  1. You can use the entire set of your Parents NSW vouchers for a single purchase of up to $250.
  2. If the business allows, you can combine your vouchers with someone’s Parents NSW vouchers up to a total of $250 for the same bill. This means you can pool multiple vouchers with friends or family. You may ask the establishment first to check if they would let you do so.


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